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I'm So Happy You're Here

Let's begin your hair journey.

Get Your Hair Done Because You Want To

Not Because You Have To.

Step One

Meet your new stylist

Get to know me, my skillset, and how I do business to put your mind at ease.

Step Two

24/7 online booking

Choose your Session  and request an appointment through my booking site.

Step Three

Consultation Form, Digital Consultation

Complete & submit your Consultation Discovery form so I can be fully prepared for your visit.

Step Four

confident, refreshed, relaxed, renewed

Arrive feeling confident 

& relaxed, and leave feeling like the best, most refreshed version of yourself!

Have questions about  your first Session?
Visit the FAQ page.

Listen, I know meeting a new stylist can be anxiety-inducing and maybe even scary, so I've streamlined my new guest pre-visit experience to ensure we're a good fit before you step foot in my salon. 

I utilize the Consultation Discovery form to best prepare for your first Session with me.

After submitting the form and requesting your first Session, keep an eye on your inbox for a

Welcome to Blend email.

I'll send you any follow-up questions I may have ahead of your visit, as well as my comprehensive Welcome Guide to ensure your first Session is seamless.

Please note: Appointment Requests will not be approved without a completed Consultation Discovery form. This applies if you're a new guest, or if you're a returning guest after longer than 6 months. If a completed form is not received 3 days prior to your appointment, your request will be declined. 

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What to Expect...


busy, on the go, quick customization form to personalize your experience

You'll receive text & email reminders a few days ahead of your visit. You'll be able to confirm or reschedule if needed. 

The morning of your visit you'll receive an email/text from me with a Session Customization form to complete. This is where you can make adjustments to the ambiance & vibes for your Session, browse the seasonal menu of complementary offerings available, and confirm policy agreements. 

When You Arrive

consultation, coversation, new guest, new client, hair salon

I'll greet you at the door, introduce you to the location, and guide you back to my space. We'll begin with a conversation, where I'll ask more questions about your daily routines and your hair goals. Here we can expand on the Consultation Discovery form you filled out, and craft a plan to achieve your hair goals. We'll create a sustainable maintenance plan that works for you, and discuss timing and pricing up front.

The Blend Experience

signature spa scalp massage

Once our plan is in place, I'll get to work on your hair. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the seasonal ambiance. I'll hold space for whatever type of experience you need, whether you love a bright & energetic vibe or maybe you need more of a relaxed & chill vibe. I love to create a unique experience tailored to you, each & every time you visit me at Blend. 

The Wrap Up

hair curl tutorial

I'll be sure to suggest the best products for your hair, and tell you about them as I'm using them. I'll also share tips & techniques you can utilize at home between visits so you can simplify your hair life, without sacrificing style. We'll wrap up by selecting any take-home hair care you may need and checking out. Pricing is all-inclusive. Gratuity is always appreciated, but never expected.


video call, follow up email

Look out for a Session Recap follow-up email from me a few days after your visit. This is where I will recap my recommendations, suggested maintenance, how-tos for anything you took home, and links for anything else we may have talked about during your Session, I keep an open line of direct communication, and am available for ongoing support between visits. I'd love to be your go-to for all things hair.

So, what do you say friend? Shall we get started?

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