First Time Guest FAQs

What if I just want a haircut first, or if I don't color my hair?
If you'd like to start off with a haircut only, or if you don't want to color your hair and would like a Haircut only, you'll want to book one of the haircut sessions. 

what if I live a substantial distance from the salon, and cannot come for a consult first?
whether you live far away or you have time constraints, Still complete the pre-consultation form and note that you are unable to come in for a separate consult. I'll contact you via email with some follow up questions and we'll do a sort of digital consultation. *Please note that physically touching and inspecting the hair's integrity is a big part of the consultation process.
I cannot guarantee any outcome before I analyze your hair in person* 

I'm looking for a new Stylist after seeing the same person for years, what session do you think i need?
Most of the new guests I welcome in, end up booking my transformation session.
This session is for you If you are looking for something totally different than your current look, if your hair needs some adjustment from previous coloring of any kind, or if it's been more than 12 weeks (3 months) since your last session/color appointment.