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Everyone Deserves Great Hair

Professional Hairstylist

Wouldn't it be great if your stylist really listened to you, and gave you what you wanted?

Wouldn't it also be great to love your hair everyday, not just the day you visit the salon? 


welcoming stylist

Get Your Hair Done Because You Want To
Not Because You Have To.

Gorgeous woman, beautiful hair

I'd love to create a personalized look that compliments you, and requires minimal effort on your part so you can spend more time doing what you love.


My approach to delivering the hair of your dreams is unique.

I take the time to really get to know you and your hair, so that I can provide you with the results you're looking for.



I'd love to create a gorgeous dimensional, low-maintenance look that will allow you to go longer between appointments without sacrificing your style.

Utilizing my digital consultation tool I'll be able to gain an understanding of your hair history, goals, challenges, and desired maintenance. This will help me craft a plan that truly works for you.

When you visit me at Blend, I want you to relax and know that not only will you have a truly one-of-a-kind experience, but you'll walk out with the kind of confidence that only gorgeous healthy hair can give you!

I know it can be difficult to see a new stylist, especially if your past experiences have not been the greatest. 

 Which is why I designed my entire business around what I call
The Guest Experience


A Truly Unique Salon Experience

A Streamlined Path to Gorgeous Healthy Hair

Once I get to know you, and we're off on our plan toward your healthiest, most gorgeous hair ever, just sit back and relax friend. All the amenities are here for you, including next-level Signature Seasonal Menus where you'll find complementary ways to personalize and enhance your experience, as well as intentional upgrades to pamper yourself. 

It's all about you, friend. You deserve it!

Every Session includes the Blend Signature Experience including a spa scalp massage and warmed towel with seasonal aromatherapy. 

You can expect haircare & styling suggestions, personalized to you and your specific needs & lifestyle. 


We'll close out our session with some great photos of your new look (sent to your phone), and you'll step back out into the world feeling refreshed & confident!  

Clear is Kind

Let's skip the surprises and talk about everything up front. Timing, pricing, aftercare, etc. I want you to be at ease during your session with me, so you can truly relax & enjoy our time together.

This is Your Time

My focus is always on you and your hair, and keeping both happy & healthy. We can have a calm & quiet appointment, or we can spill the tea and chat it up. I will hold space for you and whatever you need that day.

Here to Serve You

I show up different, with a servant's heart. I'm human, but I do my very best to show up consistently so you can expect the same level of service, care, and attentiveness at every appointment.

Ongoing Support

Your guest experience is important to me, and I believe it's ongoing. I'm here to support you between visits. Session Recap emails, and an open line of direct communication with me to help answer all your Q's and provide any additional support you may need.

On a More Personal Note...

To learn more about me and how I spend my time outside of the salon, read below! 

When I'm not behind the chair

Extroverted Introvert, People Person

Hi, I'm Kat. Blend is my pride & joy, I created it from scratch, with a lot of support. I love serving my guests, creating wearable looks, and nurturing relationships. I have a hard time calling what I do my "job", it's much more than that to me. It's incredibly rewarding to help someone feel good about themselves, to give them confidence, to bring their inner beauty out for all to see. I decided to open my own business so I could provide a truly unique experience to those I serve. So that I could update & elevate the flow of business and the vibes in the space as I see fit. I wanted to create a salon experience that truly is about the guest, and nothing else. I believe relationships are the most important thing in life, and that communication & understanding are key to any successful & healthy relationship. 

That was all kinda deep! I like to try to be well-rounded and keep balanced, so my work is certainly not the only thing I love and enjoy doing. I start every day with espresso. I make my latte every morning with milk and local honey. I'm one of those people who are annoyingly obsessed with their dogs, but I also pick up on social cues and know not everyone wants to hear all about them. This seems to be the place for all that so I'll tell you that their names and Monte & George, they have completely different personalities but they live in strange harmony together. George is the baby and he's a handful to say the absolute least. Monte is so smart he amazes me sometimes, people in our training group thought we were doing the most, but he seriously came to us like that, 100% good boy. 

I'm Auntie Kat to two little girls, Evelyn & Lucy. I love keeping up with them, going to their games/activities, and chatting with them. They are my favorite little humans.


I enjoy time outside, mostly spring-fall but I'm doing my best to embrace winter. I love to enjoy the changing seasons surrounded by nature. We do a lot of state parks and trails with the dogs, and I love a good yoga-in-the-park class. I love birds, bees, flowers, and fresh air. I love the night sky over the lake at my cabin in northern MN, the beautiful colors found in nature, and that one spring morning when you notice all the new leaves on the trees and just like that, spring has sprung. I never met a baked good I didn't like, and I'm always trying to keep my sweet tooth in check. I love a new planner, fuzzy socks, cozy blankets, puppy cuddles, British tv, long summer days, high quality chocolate, trader joes seasonings (all of them), hair wash day,  clean floors after vacuuming, clean sheets, breakfast for dinner, eucalyptus, white pine trees, anything soft, and cheese.

So that's me in a nutshell. Hair, Dogs, Family, Food, Nature.

Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to get to know you!

So what do you say, friend?

Are you ready to simplify your hair life, and see what the signature Blend Experience is all about?

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