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Come as you are


"Hello friend,
so nice to meet you!"


I'm Katherine, my friends call me Kat 


My mission is to provide you with a dimensional, low-maintenance, high impact look that requires minimal effort so you can spend more time doing what makes your heart sing. 

I want you to have the healthiest, most gorgeous hair of your life.!


I take the time
to get to know
you and your hair.

I will
always listen
to you. 

open & upfront communication


My approach to delivering the hair of your dreams is unique.

I take my time and refuse to cut corners. Some stylists are quick to get ya in and out, I am not one of those stylists. My sessions may take some time, but the experience is totally worth it.

Come for the gorgeous hair, and enjoy great conversation, seasonal refreshments & service enhancements to leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and cared for.


I spend a lot of time learning & mastering modern coloring techniques.
The kind that result in pinterest/instagram worthy hair.

Some looks require multiple techniques/steps/sessions to achieve.

It's my job to know what techniques to utilize to create the look you desire. Don't worry if you don't know the technique name, or if you struggle to pronounce Balayage. 


We'll breakdown visual inspirations together, craft a plan to achieve your goals, and discuss cost up front. If your budget doesn't support your goal look, do not worry! I'll always provide you with other options to enhance your look, and the option to take a multiple session approach.