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At Blend, you'll notice a seasonal undertone to nearly every aspect of your experience. Embracing each season with intention is always encouraged. I believe we are so lucky to experience all four seasons here in Minnesota, and I thoughtfully design seasonal menus and session customization offerings to help you embrace the season you're in. At Blend, you'll find a truly holistic approach to the salon experience, involving all of your senses. Always feel free to take what you need, try something you're curious about, and leave the rest.


Spring Time
& New Growth

2023 Quarter 2

Welcome to my most favorite season, Spring! This time of year really lights me up. The most exciting part is all the new growth! Sure, everything melting outside uncovers an initial blah vibe, but once everything starts turning green again, it signals warmer days ahead! April has historically been a crapshoot in MN, maybe the tulips will bloom and maybe we'll get one last snow storm, who knows?! I try to keep a go-with-the-flow mindset, and embrace whatever happens, because the promise of warm sunny days is real. My offerings this season are bright, floral, and fresh with a touch of cozy to keep you comfortable.

Balanced, Bright, Floral

2023 Quarter 2

If you know me, you know I love to make fancy drinks! This season I'm offering fresh, bright vibes with a touch of floral notes. 

Hot, cozy beverages if it's a cold spring day and iced options for the gorgeous, warm sunny days. 

Lavender simple syrup made (with love, by me! and) with high quality culinary-grade lavender buds from The Golden Fig. 

Espresso drinks are made with Nespresso & your choice of Organic Milk or Oat Milk.

Cocktails can always be prepared as a Mocktail, and it's really no trouble at all my friend.

All teas are organic.


*Selections are always subject to change based on availability. 
*Beverages & Snacks are always complimentary at Blend.

A curated selection of snacks is always available. Selections include healthy, organic, gluten-free, vegan, and indulgent options.
Something for everyone! 
There are several food delivery options available for those longer sessions (food delivery not included with 

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