Did you know that a significant part of cosmetology training is focused on safety and sanitation? 

From the first days of beauty school we are taught the importance of proper cleaning and sanitation of our implements & tools, as well as the space in which we work.

Personally, I have always been a stickler for sanitation. I take the responsibility of keeping a safe & clean environment very seriously. 

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What Happens Between Appointments?

I have a strict sanitation routine between guests to ensure safety

1) All used implements (combs, clips, brushes, neck strips) are placed in a sealed labeled container for later sanitation (see procedure below).


2) Used capes & towels used are placed in a covered hamper for laundering each night.


3) All products used/anything touched by the guest or myself are wiped down using a Barbicide/disinfecting wipe. (This includes products, tools such as blow dryer or hot irons, iPad & card reader, all drawer & cabinet handles).


4) Metal Tools (clippers, trimmer, razor, shears) are sprayed with Clippercide Disinfectant.


5) All surfaces (counters, sink, chair, working tray) are sprayed with Barbicide Spray. This is left for 10 minutes for proper sanitation. During this time, I exit the studio. After my 10 minute timer goes off, I return and wipe down all surfaces. 


6) Ship Shape Spray cleaner is then used to remove any residue from hard surfaces left behind by the Barbicide Disinfectant. 

Sanitation of Tools Procedure

Here are the steps I take when cleaning and sanitizing tools & implements including combs, clips, brushes, and neck strips:

1) Remove hair & debris

2) Soak in Ship Shape cleaner. Scrub each implement, and rinse.

3) Immerse in covered Barbicide Bath for exactly 10 minutes.

4) Rinse with water.

5) Dry & Place in designated closed container.

Sanitation practices are regulated by the MN State Board of Cosmetologist Examiners. This is standard cleaning & sanitation practice. 

Licenses to practice cosmetology are obtained & maintained through the MN Board Of Cosmetologist Examiners. 


One may apply for licensure after completing 1550 hours of training at an accredited Cosmetology school, and passing practical & written state board exams.

Licenses must be renewed every 3 years. Continuing education of 4 hours safety & sanitation + 4 hours professional practice are required to renew.


License information & history is public record. You can look up any salon or stylist in the state of MN to view license history and check for any past disciplinary actions or lapses in licensure. 

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