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Session Enhancements

Take your Session to the next level with these luxurious add-on services. Treat yourself to one or more session enhancements to awaken your senses and allow yourself to truly relax

Full Sessions include everything needed to create & maintain your look. But there are required needs, and then there are wants!

Sometimes you may need a little something extra, and sometimes you don't.

I created this optional menu to allow you to customize each visit to Blend. 

Some selections are on the menu year-round, and some are seasonal. Living in MN we're lucky to experience all the seasons, and I love to bring seasonal vibes & ambiance to your salon experience. Seasonal selections are carefully & thoughtfully curated to offer just what you need in each season.

Enhance Your Experience


Luxury Upgrades

Extended Spa Scalp Massage

Heated Healing Hand Treatment

Scalp Reset

Micellar Scalp Facial

Customized Steam Spa

Calming Lavender Experience

Marine Collagen Under Eye Mask

Brow Shaping/Facial Waxing









Session Enhancements

Add an enhancement to your Session, or select a few to create your own pamper session!

Click "Learn More" for all the details.

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