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Transformation & Corrective Color

If you're looking to completely transform your overall look, this Session could be for you. 

Book this Session if:
-You need one of the services in the box
-It's been more than 1 year since your last visit
-You want to transition away from box color
-You want to "go natural" or "go grey"
after years of coloring
-You've had several colors done in a short period of time


Color Balancing

Color Correction

Platinum Blonde

Vivid Colors

Rainbow Hair

Unicorn Hair

Fix My Hair!

Previous Box Color

Previous Henna

This is the Big One

This Session is the longest, most expensive session I offer. For a very good reason. This session can be customized to your specific needs. An all-encompassing option for big changes and extenuating circumstances. I'll explain the 4 most common scenarios I see below:


Scenario 1: Say you had a bad experience at the last salon, maybe they rushed you through and before you knew it you paid hundreds of dollars and your hair isn't how you wanted it. Maybe it's compromised (dry, sad, and breaking off) and over-processed now. Working with hair in this condition is a specialized craft. Your hair can only take so much chemical processing. If it's pushed too far it will break/melt. Yes, hair can melt. Hair can also reach a point where it will not accept or hold on to artificial pigments. This means, no matter what color you apply to it, it will not take and will wash right out. I have plenty of experience with this type of situation, but more importantly, I have solutions!

Scenario 2: Let's say you've been coloring your hair at home (no shame, friend!) for many years and you're over it. You've decided to make a change and see a professional. The reason most stylists will ask you about previous hair color history and specifically box color is because some types of color will permanently alter your hair. It seems like it's all faded out and you don't see it anymore so you think it's not there. The hard truth is, in most cases, previous color is always lurking beneath the surface and will affect your future results. It's not a death sentence though! Your stylist wants to know about it so they can plan on how to work with it. Natural hair lifts/lightens completely different than previously colored hair, and box color is typically the most stubborn to lift out. Again, this type of corrective work is a specialized craft and one that is expensive to learn and practice.

Scenario 3: You are a bright color babe. You love those vivid colors and you want them all up in your hair! Those rainbow/unicorn, bright, vivid, not-natural colors are gorgeous but they are also always a minimum of 2 complete processes. Your hair must be lightened/lifted to a certain level (depending on your desired colors) before the fun colors can even be applied. There are many variables here including your starting canvas (your hair!), color & chemical history, at home care, lifestyle, maintenance preferences, and more! The bright hair color isn't just a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle. These types of colors are completely different from natural toned colors, and require different at-home care and maintenance than you might be used to if you've never worn them before. 

Scenario 4: Lastly, maybe you are just looking for a big change! What's a big change? Well, it's going to depend on you, your hair, and your goals. Sounds vague, but hair is subjective and the variables that affect the outcome are endless. I've been working on learning everything possible about color, and perfecting my craft for the last 12 years and I'm forever a student. Technologies and techniques change as fast as the trends do, and I'm always learning. 

If you're not sure if this session is right for you, start by filling out my pre-consultation form below and I'll help you figure out which session is right for you, friend. 

Transformation/Corrective Color Session

5+ hours $400+

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