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This Page is a Work in Progress, friend.

Thanks for your patience as I embrace the "Done is better than perfect" mantra.

I'm currently working on an Amazon affiliate/ambassador situation where I can have a nice little Amazon landing page for all those little goodies I'm always telling you about during your sessions with me. Until I make that happen, Enjoy my top 3 suggestions for this season. As always, please do reach out if you need clarification or have questions!


Derma Roller

If you're with me on this journey of seeking the healthiest hair possible, or if you've seen me for any Scalp Health services, I may have suggested this tool to you. This derma roller is most often used on the face, however it can be used (gently!) on the scalp too. If you're using a scalp topical, adding a bit of rolling before applying the topical treatment helps to stimulate the scalp & ensure maximum absorption.


Detangling Scalp Brush

I love this little number. This is the exact one I use at home! Great for really getting in there and exfoliating your scalp, while also detangling your hair. You know I love a multi-tasker when it comes to products & tools. If you're eager to take my suggestion of using the "scientific brushing" technique on yourself at home, this brush is the best for that! If you have no idea what that means, ask me at your next session and I'd love to explain the benefits of this simple addition to your routine.

Shower Water Filter

Shower Filter

Water has a huge effect on our hair. Here in MN our water is most likely hard and contains iron and other minerals & sediment that can cause dryness, breakage, discoloration, and a multitude of other challenges. Not to mention the dry skin & scalp! Even softened water can contain sediment, impurities, and minerals. This is the closest thing to my fancy EcoHeads filter/sprayer I use in the salon, and can be installed in any bathroom and used with most existing shower heads. Will remove sediment, impurities, chlorine, etc. to ensure you're rinsing/showering with the purest water possible. 

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