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Modern Brunette & Modern Blonde

Whether you're looking to see brightness everywhere, or you want to add a little dimension to your look, this session is for you!

Book this session if:
-You want to add some type of brightness/highlights
-You want to add depth/lowlights
-You want added highs & lows
-You want a bolder look

-you want a blended look
-You're bored of being all one color
-You normally get one or more of the services listed in the box.



Highlights and/or Lowlights


Brunette Balayage




Dark to Light


We've come a long way from stripey highlights

Modern hair coloring techniques have come a long way in the last few decades. Heck, even since I was licensed in 2010, I've seen trends come and go and come back again with a modern twist. It used to be the same highlight foil placement on every head, no toner. Then it was the ombre, with a dark base and light ends. Next up was what I call extreme colors. These required extreme lightening and involved bright vivid colors. As trends evolve, so must the techniques to achieve them! Enter the Modern Brunette & Modern Blonde session.

These days, more natural tones are back in. Effortless, lived-in, dimensional looks seem to be most popular today. Which I totally love because they can be customized to compliment you, and they tend to be super low-maintenance. Think Bronde (the perfect balance of blonde & brunette), Balayage, Brunette Balayage, Foilyage, etc. Who comes up with these names? A quick Pinterest search will turn up some great inspo pics, but it might leave you more confused as ever on what to ask your stylist for. Is the trend right for you? Will it look right on your hair? How often is the upkeep and what can you expect to spend? Can you relate?

I'm here to help, friend! It's true that today's desired looks are far more complicated from a technical standpoint than the partial highlight of yesteryear, but that doesn't mean getting your hair done needs to be! I'm here to simplify, and help you achieve the look that compliments you in every way. To get you set up on the right path with a maintenance schedule and at-home care routine that work for you & your lifestyle! 

Modern Brunette & Modern Blonde

3-4 hours $320+ All-inclusive

New Guests and returning guests after 6 months must compete Consultation Discovery Form prior to appointment request approval.

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